Everplast have devoted ourselves to developing Pellet extrusion 3D printer. Our ultimate goal is to develop and fabricate various kinds of Pellet extrusion 3D printer and satisfy all the requests from different customers. Meanwhile, we would collect and enrich the forming database to assist our customers in multi-application. We welcome all the inquiries from every end users and verify the speed and accuracy of our 3D printer. Compared to filament 3D printer, we could save 30% to 70% printing time by accelerating the printing speed.


Raw Material

  • TPU
  • EVA
  • PC+ABS
  • PA+Fiber
  • WPC
  • MQP-S+PA12
  • EVA based foam board
  • Cement
  • Slurry

Maximum Working Area

Fast printing

Keep the cost down

Multi-Raw material

Nozzle  size

Speed and accuracy​

Save 30%-70% time than a strip 3D printing.

Various printing materials

The advantage of using pellets is that we could use various materials, even mix different materials together for printing. Also it could be applied to bigger, more complicated, even special function objects.

The adoption of extrusion system

By extrusion process, we could change screws and nozzles in compliance with different materials and particle sizes and expand wider applications. Changing screw & nozzle could be done within 20 to 30 minutes which saves more time than filament-printing type.

The finished product of the pellet 3D printer has higher strength than the general FDM model. In addition, there are fewer restrictions on the types of materials, and even the material formula can be freely adjusted to print special materials and structures, which can be applied In the development of new products and the research of new materials, materials such as TPU and EVA are also supported in the application of soft materials.


Success story