pu tube application

PU tube (POLYURETHANE TUBE) is divided into polyester type and polyether type according to the material,
and it is widely used in the fields of pneumatic and hydraulic applications.
The PU pipe extrusion production line developed by Everplast which not only meet the needs of this professional field but also active in the optimization of equipment, in improving the strength of the PU pipe, surface smoothness, dimensional accuracy and high productivity performance.
Everplast is well known in making PU tube extrusion line

pu tube application

PU pipe has excellent bending performance, can maintain flexibility even at lower or higher temperatures, and is wear-resistant. Therefore, PU pipe is suitable for various pneumatic tools, such as automatic machinery, coating machinery, and even construction tool pipe fittings. .
In addition, the polyether PU pipe is resistant to hydrolysis, mildew and antibacterial, and is suitable for gardening, cleaning, water pipes, etc.

PU pipe also has the following characteristics:
-High tensile strength
-Small bending radius, widely used in various applications
-Ether PU pipe has hydrolysis resistance, antibacterial and weather resistance
-Ester PU pipe has good wear resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance
-Remains elastic at low temperatures
-Beautiful appearance, smooth and flexible tube body, bright colors

pu tube application


pu tube application


pu tube application

Everplast specially developed PU pipe extrusion production line uses an extremely optimized single screw extruder EMS-55~EMS-65
It can produce international standard PU pipes with an O.D during 3-16mm and capacity during 60-70kg/hr.
Using online printer and laser diameter detector which not only can produce PU pipes with smooth appearance and beautiful texture automatically,
but also can achieve perfect and monitor on all sizes requirements to avoid wasting raw materials.
Everplast’s PU pipe extrusion line is the best choice for all PU pipe manufacturers.

pu tube application
pu tube application
pu tube application


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