2019 Msia Plas

2019 馬來西亞國際塑橡膠工業展

2019 馬來西亞國際塑橡膠工業展

2019 Msia Plas
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In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the trade show MSIA PLAS, Malaysia International Plastic, Mould and Die Exhibition is held. The trade show’s frequency is annual.

The venue hosting MSIA PLAS, Malaysia is Putra World Trade Centre. As trade show organizer ES Event Management SDN BHD is responsible for organising and managing MSIA PLAS, Malaysia.

Foundry, Plastics, Rubber are the business sectors on which MSIA PLAS, Malaysia focuses.


Everplast provide professional plastic extruder, twin screw extruder, PVC profile extrusion machine, PVC compounding system, plastic net making machine, PVC door, argyle net, stretched net to our customers based on the market demand and the diversified characteristics of the resin material. 


Overall, Everplast Machinery / E-Plast have achieved a global sale of 96 country top, and a 1,900-set of performance.


Everplast Machinery was founded in 1993. Due to a rapid expansion in business, E-Plast was built in the southern region of Taiwan, Tainan, in 2008. Everplast Machinery / E-Plast specialized in manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery.

For instance, pipes, profiles, soft pipes, door, compounding, WPC, and tooling. We provide professional plastic extrusion lines to our customers based on market demand and the diversified characteristics of resin material.

Overall, Everplast Machinery / E-Plast have achieved a global sale of 96 countries, and an 

1900-set of performance.

The success of our machine lines lies in the fact that we incorporate specific resin characteristics as well as the assembly of machine line. In addition, it enables our customers to produce high-quality goods to their end users.


  • 展覽日期: 2019/07/18 ~ 07/21
  • 國家: Putra World Trade Centre, Mayalsia
  • 攤位: 2117
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