EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Testing CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line in Sausi Arabia

Case EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

location: Sausi Arabia

Everplast just install one CPVC pipe extrusion line in Saudi Arabia. Our customer will use this machine line to expand the CPVC pipe market. As the CPVC material is very sensitive to operating temperatures, we equip special designed screw and barrel which offer stable temperature control to avoid material overheating problem. Haul-off machine offer stable pulling force at different speed in operation which helps control the diameters of pipes. Vacuum & spraying water cooling tank offer efficient cooling to help calibrate the diameters. Customer is happy with the quality of pipes and the pipes fit the pipe fittings very well.

Material: CPVC powder


EMD 75 PVC Pipe20 63mm



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