PE Compounding System

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Medical Tube Machine Line

Medical Tube Machine Line

The medical tube, made by food-grade materials, with advantage of high transparency, good elasticity, good fluidity and corrosion resistance, suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and food production of gas and liquid delivery pipes, etc.

PVC Compounding Machine Line

PVC Compounding Machine Line

Application: Windows / Door profile, door panel, gasket, trunking...etc.


Everplast's PE Compounding System

Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industrial PE Compounding System manufacturer from Taiwan. Everplast has been providing extrusion equipment for producing pipes, profiles, soft pipes, doors, compounds, WPC, and tooling with sophisticated extruder technologies.

Based on over 22 years of experience, Everplast's extrusion machine line is used in wide range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, gas and liquid delivery pipe for food processing, etc. Regardless of individual extrusion equipment or completed extrusion lines, Everplast always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

PE Compounding System

Using LLDPE and submicron talc and relating additives pelletize together, substitute a portion of plastic material to reduce production cost, can be used in wrapping materials and plastic pipes, etc.

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PE Compounding System

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EVERPLAST offers a complete line of single and twin screw compounding and reprocessing extrusion systems featuring extruders designed for the specific application.
All systems incorporate proven process engineered feed screw designs with optional venting, side feeding and complete process feed systems for volumetric, gravimetric weigh blending or starve feeding of the materials provided as required.




  1Material: PE compounding
  2Output of machine: 200 ~ 300 kg/hr depending on material’s formula
AVolumetric main material feeding unit- Material hopper: One set, SUS304 stainless steel
  - Type of system: Twin screw feeding system
  - Suitable material: Pellets or powder or under customer requested
  - Screw diameter: Ø 40 ~ 50 mm
BTwin screw main extrusion unit 
  1Extrusion output: - 200~350 kg/hr
  2Type of gear box:- Heavy duty high torque twin shaft co-rotary oil bath type gear box
  3Gear box material:- FCD25 cast steel
  4Screw diameter: - 62.4 mm
  5L/D ratio: - 44:1
  6. Main driving motor:- AC175 HP ( 132kw )
  7Overload clutch:- One set
CAccessory system for main extruder- Gear box cooling & lubrication system
  - Barrel cooling system :
  - Pressure indicate system :
DHydraulic system for screen changer- Type of screen changer: Dual cavity slide type screen changer
  - Driven system: Hydraulic gear pump by AC 5 HP ( 3.75 kw )motor
EDe-gassing vacuum system- Type of vacuum pump: One step type
  - Water / Air separator: One set, made by SUS304 stainless steel
  - Water circulation piping: One set
FVertical type water cooling die face cutting system- System construction: Independent machine frame 
  - Cutting motor: AC 3 HP ( 2.25kw )
  - Cutting speed control: By Inverter control
  - Water jacket: One set, made by SUS304 stainless steel
  - Water flow trough: One set, made by SUS304 stainless steel
  - Centrifuge: One set, made by SUS304 stainless steel
  - Centrifuge driven motor: AC 7½ HP ( 5 kw)
GPellets cooling & selection system- Products selected: over size / regular / smaller & powder
  - Machine construct: All contact surface by SUS304 stainless steel
  - Storage tank: One set, SUS304 stainless steel
HPANNEL-EM Electric circuit control panel- Operation method: Electric-mechanics circuit control system
  - Thermo control method: PID thermo controller + SSR system
ITWO STATION VOLUMETRIC SIDE FEEDING UNIT                        - Type of system: Two station twin screw feeding system
  - Suitable material: Pellets or powder or under customer requested
  - Hopper for first station: One set, SUS304 stainless steel
  - Working ability: Max 500 kg/hr
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.