3D Additive Manufacturing Center

3D Additive Manufacturing Center

About Everplast 3D Printing

Everplast is a technology company that specializes in plastic extrusion machines. Recently, we have expanded our focus to include 3D printing machines that are efficient and affordable. We have partnered with major domestic manufacturers and academic institutions, and our efforts have been recognized by the Taiwan Design Institute. We are committed to reducing development costs through cooperation with various units and are eager to explore new business opportunities with the help of our newly established 3D manufacturing center. We invite you to test our machines by printing your files before confirming your purchase.

Fast printing​

Keep the cost down

Multi-Raw material

In addition to our 3D printing machines, we have also developed cement/slurry 3D printing machines. Our machines are capable of combining waste materials into composite media and processing them into architectural or decorative materials through 3D printing technology. We have collaborated with nearly 10 institutions and colleges in Taiwan to test the addition of discarded oyster shells and industrial waste slag into materials. We are also investing in machines to process 300 tons of locally discarded oyster shells on outlying islands, which will contribute to the local environment and economy.