3D Additive Manufacturing Center

3D Additive Manufacturing Center

Time is money, why not hand over the product to a professional printing manufacturer now to save you development costs?

About Everplast 3D Printing

Fast printing​

Keep the cost down

Multi-Raw material


More fast than regular FDM 3D printer

Can useable soft material(EVA、TPU)and Rigid material (Carbon fiber)to produce

Maximum Working Area : 200×80×60 CM

Breaking through material restrictions, all kinds of material formulas can be printed. (Depending on the formula provided by the customer)

3D Printer

Everplast has developed two models for sale, namely EM3D-15-04-D for printing small objects and EM3D-25-20-C for large objects. The printing speed is faster, compared with strip 3D printing. The machine can save about 30-70% of the printing time, and because the material is changed to plastic particles, there are more types of choices, and even direct mixing. If you want to produce larger, more complex or various special-purpose workpieces, almost all not a problem.


Maximum Working Area

Raw Material

  • PC+ABS
  • PA+Fiber
  • WPC
  • MQP-S+PA12
  • EVA based foam board
  • Cement
  • Slurry


Maximum Working Area

Raw Material

  • PC+ABS
  • PA+Fiber
  • WPC
  • MQP-S+PA12
  • EVA based 發泡材


  • Contact / provide files

    Contact our 3D printing team and provide us with 3D files

    Applicable specifications: STL, obj, IPT

    Telephone contact: +886-6-201-4846

    Email contact: [email protected]

  • Reply / Quote

    We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible and estimate the quotation. We will then confirm the detailed information of the case with you, such as: size, material, delivery date, etc...

  • Print

    After got the file, it is scheduled to be printed, and about 7 work day are completed.

    The service content includes: printing file translation, material testing, soil filling (customized), polishing.

  • delivery

    After printing, we will mail the finished product to the customer.

  • acceptance

    After the customer receives the finished product, please check whether the printed object meets the requirements. If there is any design change, please contact us again or arrange for a reprint.

  • Pay the balance

    When the case is roughly completed, we will mail an invoice to the customer for payment.



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