Cement Extrusion 3D Printer


The EM3-3505-CMT is an industrial pellet 3D printer manufactured by Everplast from Taiwan.

This 3D printer is able to utilize compound cement raw material to build products or samples.

The standard formulation database and material bank are provided along with the 3D printer.


EM3-6030-CMT is a large-scale 3D printer that can print up to 9 square meters.

It has an automatic feeding system and a raw material mixing system. It is a 3D printer designed for printing large objects.


The cement/slurry 3D printer can use composite materials to print, such as recycled slag powder, oyster shell powder, adding appropriate proportion of cement, river sand, etc… and it can be used. (The recipe needs to be printed and tested first)

Raw Material


Everplast uses a 3D printer to extrude rubber pellets to print a D-shaped structure with a “cement-like” texture. Depending on the placement, it can be made into a decorative wall. The locker and large wall are both decorative and artistic. It is very suitable for building materials, interior decoration and special modeling.

In addition, we are also constantly trying other feasible printing materials, such as the recently popular circular economy topic, using recycled waste to make particles that can be put into the extruder system, converting these seemingly useless garbage into resources, in The production cost and time spent are reduced, and the protection of the environment is also taken into account.

D Chair

Tetris Well


Based on the well-known game Tetris, by infinitely stacking four or five groups of different shape blocks, various shapes can be built up to the owner’s imagination.

[Factory Log #03] Cement printed products turned into beautiful flower beds

I didn’t expect it~ You thought it was a chair, but it was actually a flower table; you thought it was a flower table but it could be used as a chair. The finished product produced by the Everplast cement 3D printer is not only beautiful, but also strong!

Flower stand


curved vase

3D 列印 盆景

There is no problem in printing complex curved surfaces. The picture in the picture is a curved planting pot provided by the customer, which was printed by the company’s paste 3D printer.

【Factory Log #16】The 12 Chinese Zodiac Come to Celebrate the New Year

Hello all fans~
The editor is here to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Tiger and Tiger also bring 12 animal friends to celebrate the arrival of the New Year ~ I hope everyone can achieve their dreams and all the best in the new year!

12 Chinese zodiac

3D printing animal statue

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