Circular Economy Solution Whole Plant Equipment

Circular Economy Solution Whole Plant Equipment

Crushing System

Grinder System

Mixing System

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Circular Economy Crushing + Grinder System



Circular Economy Mixer System

In the production process of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), natural fiber can mix with 30%-80% of the polymer. Therefore, the selection of natural fiber (sawmill, chipboard, rice husk, etc.) is important. All natural fiber must pulverize as 40mesh~120mesh of particle size.

Everplast WPC Material-Rick Husk


Circular Economy Production Line

The use of natural fibers in extruded profiles is becoming increasingly popular. Attempts have been made to develop new features of finished wood-plastic composites (WPC), such as PP/PE resin mixing 40-80% natural fiber or PVC mixing 40-70% natural fiber. To meet the quality requirements, Everplast has developed a segmented twin screw extruder with special single screw extruder line as well as a parallel twin screw extruder with special single screw extrusion line combining tooling die head and all downstream equipment.

Everplast WPC Production Line
Everplast EMD-90 WPC Extrusion Machine Line-Layout Drawing



Building Materials from PE/PP/PVC Recycle

With more than 20 years experience in this filed, we, Everplast see ourself as a reliable partner. As the leader of extrusion industry, we have successfully installed more than 24 PE synthetic wood extruder in Saudi Arabia since 2005, including 65mm, 75mm, 85mm and 100mm single screw extruder. The synthetic wood material is be made from wasted film, bottle..etc. The completed products usually are used in construction such as roof, fence, chair… 

PP Recycle Pelletizing Material

Waste PET cloth + PP Made into car trunk mat

Waste gypsum board Recycled building materials

Furniture from Rice Husk

The finished product will be more complete and have higher quality, if the PVC powder, calcium carbonate, rice husk mixed proportion formula is used in the extrusion process; we can also control mold and machine temperature at all times, which helps solve the phenomenon of orange peel on the surface of the finished product; the product’s dehumidification function determines the output quality…


Floor from Rock

Circular Economy -rock

Waste wood+PE/PP Made into building materials

Made from waste coffee grounds Plank road | photo frame | straw

circle economy Solution Whole Plant Equipment

Waste slag recycling Cement paste printing

Cement 3D printing technology has been practiced abroad for many years, and major companies This technology has also been put into the construction industry, but it is rare in Taiwan With factories investing in research and development, Jie Mao saw this business opportunity and Actively expand the 3D printing market, and hope to invest in this technology in the future Construction industry, interior decoration, art design and other related products entering Taiwan
In the industry.

Recycled oyster shell 3D printing

The oyster shell powder recovered from Taiwan Sugar is added to the Paradise 3D printing plaster to fuse it into a new generation of green materials. Through Everplast 3D printer technology, natural resources are given a new look.

Waste oyster shell × cement 3D printer

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