Monofilament Extrusion Line

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Everplast has a great experience in the production of plastic net extrusion equipment.

With the demand for Monofilament equipment from all over the world, it has developed Everplast wire drawing equipment on the basis of making mesh extrusion machines and supplied them to the world.

Raw material: PP PE

monofilament is used in woven products to create non-stick, high-temperature surfaces. It is used in the automotive and aerospace markets as braided sleeves to protect pipes, hoses, and bundled wire from chemically harsh and abrasive environments. Monofilament fiber made from PTFE is also often used in the construction of brushes, belts, fabrics, and more. Other industries that utilize monofilament fiber for various uses include medical supplies manufacturers, 3D printing, textiles, and apparel.



Everplast designs and manufactures suitable extrusion line and related down stream equipment according to the actual needs of customers, including the key mold systems. In addition, we can design a set of unique adjustment system according to the actual finished product size requirements to produce the ideal finished product, and provide professional design and complete production plan suggestion.

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