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Fruit Net Machine Line

PE/PP/EVA shower Body Puff Net Sponge extrusion netting machine line is developed by Everplast for kitchen/bathroom accessories market. Customer with low initial extrusion machine investment but could generate a high market demand and profit. Production speed could reach 30 ~ 40 m/min with stable condition. Everplast also could equip co-extrusion for multi-color shower luffah mesh ball that give better aesthetics. The rotary mold design with well controled processing give high output and stable production.

Fruit Net Machine Line Layout

Shower Net Luffah Ball with various color may be a good way to relax for bathing after a long day. The soft sponge could work with any shower gel or soap to clean your skin without leaving any scratch or skin trauma. Maker could adjust the softness for each kind of product and end user. Different thickness mesh could give different silky or scratchy for different end user or purposes. It only need to change a die lip with low cost. The mesh ball is thin and dry fast to avoid bacteria growing on it.

shower ball application
Shower Ball - Product
Shower Ball - Application


Shower Ball - Application


Shower Ball Machine Line

EVERPLAST net rotation extrusion machine need low initial investment but generate high output and profit for this market demand. As Everplast’s machine is high quality and well controled, customer could run production continously for long time without any stop or NG product.

Shower Ball Machine Line
Shower Ball Machine Line
Shower Ball Machine Line

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