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CPVC Pipe that has been chlorinated via chlorination reaction. The CPVC is compounded with other ingredients to obtain the needed properties for further application or process. The chlorine added gives CPVC higher temperature performance and improved fire and corrosion resistance.

CPVC has mostly similar characteristic of PVC, however it has some advantage differences. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures, CPVC Pipe is good for constructions where temperatures up to 93°C. The ability to bend, shape, and weld enables its use in a wide variety of processes and applications.

pvc pipe machine line

CPVC PIPE was used widely in our lives. The mechanical advantage of CPVC help to replace many types of metal pipe to avoid corrosion issue.


CPVC is significantly more ductile, greater flexure and resistance compared to PVC. The main application to transport of potable water, used for drinking, cooking, and bathing (hot and cold water), chemical fluid and also high pressure fluid.



CPVC PIPE has better insulation than that of copper pipes. Due to this increased insulation, CPVC is less condensation formation and better water temperature maintains for both hot and cold water. CPVC is also excellent in resistance to fire. It does not burn up and tends to become extinguish itself.





Everplast (Taiwan) rolled out the parallel twin screw extruder to produce CPVC PIPE which satisfy customer requirement. We use a high quality and stable temperature control to save the energy cost and also avoid waste. The controls of temperature, material vapor exhaustion, mould tuning are critical. Most of critical machine parts such as screw, barrel, gear box are highly precisive controled, enable highly stable of production. We adopt more wear resistance design for the screw & barrel which can prolong the using life time to save production cost.



Everplast has always insisted on standing on the same line with customers, providing customized services, solving problems, providing the most human friendly operation. With various experience and know-how in material and mechanical, Everplast is your reliable partner and also a consultant.

Success story

EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

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