PE Steel Wire Pipe

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We provide various sizes of PE steel wire pipe extruders, including EMS-55 and EMS-6533. The outputs are 30-60kg/hr and 150-250kg/hr respectively. It is adjusted according to market demand and characteristics. The mold passing through the wire release device and a special flow channel design eases the process of operation. The finished product comes with a winder for direct sales. It’s been a hot-selling machine line widely used in the construction industry.

pipe application pe steel wire pipe machine line layout

The finished PE steel wire tube can protect wire and cable and is primarily used in the wall of buildings; Additionally, it can fix one end of the cable to keep the pipeline smooth, preventing the cable from moving.

pipe application pe steel wire pipe
pipe application pe steel wire pipe


pipe application pe steel wire pipe


pipe application pe steel wire pipe

The machine developed by Everplast adopts a high-efficiency host, which introduces the human-machine interface for ease of operation and storage parameters. The material tube is nitrided with high hardness and the groove design significantly increases the production capacity; Besides, the tension controller incorporates the winding machine to arrange finished products neatly.

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