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Ceiling Profile Extrusion Machine Line

PVC building materials products are closely related to our daily lives, such as PVC ceiling, PVC window frame, PVC edge band and PVC door panel, etc. Therefore, Everplat has been particularly focused on the building materials industry from the beginning, and has also manufactured related PVC extrusion equipment to meet the needs of the market, and won the appreciation of many customers for the equipment.

Everplast EMD-90 PVC Door Panel-Layout Drawing

PVC ceiling has always been an indispensable product for indoor decoration. Its material has sound proof and heat insulation effects, and the material is self-extinguishing, non-flammable, and easy to assemble. The surface of PVC ceilings can be treated with ink printing or laminated surface, so that customers have more color and decoration options. Everplast developed this PVC ceiling extrusion line to sell it all over the world in the early stage, and continuously improved the operating characteristics of the extrusion equipment.


Ceiling Product


Profile Water Calibration Table For Ceiling

For the PVC ceiling extrusion production line, Everplast not only provides stable production machines and extrusion molds, but also offer peripheral supporting equipment such as PVC high-speed mixers, surface treatment printing equipment and lamination machines, so that customers can produce complete PVC ceilings. Finished product.

Caterpillar Haul Off Unit Machine
Haul Off Unit For Ceiling Profile
Saw Cutter For Ceiling Profile

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