Edge Band

machine line

Edge Band Machine Line

For the profile extrusion equipment required by the architectural furniture industry (like as: edge band), it has always been one of the best-selling and irreplaceable plastic industries in the world market. Everplast has also continued to work hard in this market, providing profession extrusion equipment and mold design for customers’ finished products needs , So that customers can focus on the road of making quality finished products.

Everplast EMS-55 Edge Band Extrusion Machine Line-Layout Drawing

PVC edge bands are widely used in the furniture industry, because of the product is provided with protective and aesthetic characteristics. Furthermore it can enrich the color and usability of the finished product through the use of raw material formulation and printing ink application. 

The main PVC edge band specifications of the thickness range from 0.5 to 3mm, the width ranges from 19 to 80mm, and the winding length is mainly 100 meters per roll. Everplast has also uniquely designed proprietary extrusion equipment for this industry, providing professional advice as well.

Edge Band - Application
Edge Band - Application


Edge Band - Product


Extruder For Edge Band Profile

In order to meet the production and budget needs of customers, Everplast can not only provide single-screw and twin-screw PVC edge band extrusion lines and mold design. Considering customer production needs, Everplast also provides a complete the required two-color/three-color printing machines and PVC mixing machine system to complete the whole line solution.

Printing Machine For Edge Band Product
Winder For Edge Band
Extrusion Down Stream For Edge Band Product

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