PVC Door Panel Extrusion Machine Line

PVC Door Panel Extrusion Machine Line

pvc door panel machine line

Taiwan Everplast provides EMD-90, EMD-110, EMD-130 multi-type parallel twin-screw PVC door panel extrusion equipment, which can extrude plastic door panel sizes: 600/700/760/815/900mm. In addition, the machine design is tailored to customers’ needs, for ease of use in different spaces. The extrusion output can reach about 150-700kg/hr, depending on the raw material formula. In conjunction with the back half of the machine, it can print a variety of colors and patterns. The double-layer door panel machine line is more durable comparing to the original single-layer door panel. At present, the plastic door panel machine line has been sold to the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Russia, etc.


The advantages of the door extrusion machine:

1. Chipless cutting machine, feeding and cutting driven by ball screw, the cross-section more accurately cut

2. Semi-automatic hydraulic lifting type aggregate rack, the upper ball design, convenient for aggregate packaging

3. Customized mold design, co-extrusion of double door panels, saving customers’ raw material costs


EMD 130 PVC Door Panel Machine Line


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