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flower net application

Packaging materials are indispensable daily necessities
But how can we achieve functionality that meets market requirements and achieve the environmental protection concept of plastic reduction?
Everplast developed a new flower net extrusion making machine line in order to achieve two requirements as above at the same time.
To use plastic nets to pack flowers instead of traditional plastic bags, it really achieve both goals of functionality and plastic reduction.
It can say “achieve many things at one stroke”

PE / PP / EVA flower net
Used for packaging and protecting nets, it is the most suitable and environmentally friendly material for wrapping flowers today
More convenient and cost-effective packaging
Besides being well protected,
Flower nets are more breathable than plastic bags and can deliver more fragrance
It is the best popular packing material for flowers

FLOWER NET Extrision Machine line
flower net application
flower net application


flower net application


flower net application

PE / PP / EVA flower net extrusion making machine line specially developed by Everplast.
It is recommended to use the most stable single screw extruder EMS-40
Match the formula required by buyers, with a well-designed rotating mold for flower nets
It can produce a variety of nets with many sizes and line speeds between 10-15M/Min

The investment amount of the whole plant equipment is low,
The finished product market demand of flower net is high, and the size of the equipment is exquisitely designed.
Very recommended for use by flower net manufacturers with small factories
In response to the world’s environmental protection trend of plastic reduction
It is a production line that can operate continuously without being eliminated by the market

flower net application
flower net application
FLOWER NET Extrision Machine line

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