Insect Net

extrusion machine line

Insect Net Machine Line

The fine mesh netting extrusion machine (like as insect net) is developed by Everplast for multiple purpse. Some are used to against bugs, birds, mosquito for garden market or housing accessories. The green fine mesh netting width could be up to 1.2 meters and customized for various usage. Production speed is around 2~3 m/min with stable condition. The rotary mold design with well controled processing give stable output and production. Customer could produce different spec of netting by replacing the die lip which is low cost.

Insect Net Machine Line Layout

This garden netting is for protection of vegetables, plants, fruit by eliminating the penetration of insects or bugs. It could be anti-bird for garden or anti-mosquito for housing. The see-through design could let water, air, sunshine through and help the plants growing well. In addition, garden netting also provide protection against the wind, frost or soiling from water splash. Similar net structure are used for clothes lamination & bonding, separation netting, glue screening…and etc.


insect net application


Insect Net Machine Line

The plastic insect netting is mostly made with Polyolifine polymer like PP, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA and others with UV-stabilization for outdoor usage and could be re-used year by year. Everplast netting machine have high quality and well controled, customer could run continously for long time without any production problem.

Insect Net Machine Line
Insect Net Machine Line
Insect Net Machine Line

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