HDPE Screen Net Extrusion Line

HDPE Screen Net Extrusion Line

Testing HDPE Screen Net Extrusion Line in Czech

HDPE Screen Net Extrusion Line

location: Czech

We sucessfully installed one HDPE screen net extrusion line in EUROPE. The end customer for such prodcut is for a Germany company. With EVERPLAST net extrusion machine, customer produces quality product with effcient capacity. Since the product was urgernt needed, EVERPLAST factory’s quality management ensures the on time delivery and provides decent after services, making sure the machine line run smoothly.

set up date: 2016/05


Plastic Net Making Machine

Plastic Net Making Machine Line

PLASTIC NET MAKING MACHINE LINE We provide a variety of different applications of plastic net making machine, that includes fruit nets, fence net(Mono-Oriented Net), agricultural buildings to protect networks (Bi-Oriented Net), filters and water resource management...etc. Send Products Inquiry FEATURES ...