WPC Compounding Line

WPC Machine Line

WPC Compounding Line Taiwan Everplast recently assisted Vietnamese customers to solve the problem of compounding production line: Original the customer purchased segment type compounding equipment from China machinery manufacturer. The design of the machine part was some problem, which caused the particles to be too broken when they were extruded, and tended to be close … Read more

Fruit Net Machine Line

Fruit Net Machine Line

Fruit Net Machine Line Testing Fruit Net Machine Line in Kenya location: Kenya The African customers of Everplast / E-Plast Machinery’s secondary repurchase used to focus on blown bags & paper bag packaging products. Due to the government’s plastic restriction law, the company is facing the pressure of transformation, so it will gradually invest in … Read more

PVC Trunking Machine Line

PVC Trunking Line

PVC Trunking Machine Line Taiwan Everplast PVC trunking extrusion machine line sold in Thailand, Japan, Russia, Greece, Vietnam, Mexico, Fiji, Malaysia, etc. is equipped with EMD-65 parallel or EMD-55-C Conical twin-screw extruder. The extruded product size ranges 15mm (width) x 9mm (height) to 100mm (width) x 100mm (height), depending on the product size and raw … Read more

PS Foam Decoration Profile Machine Line

PS Foam Ceiling Gasket Machine Line

PS Foam Decoration Profile Machine Line Testing PS Foam​ Decoration Profile Machine Line Everplast has recently completed the installation of  PS Foam Decoration Profile Machine Line. The customer is a well-known decoration material manufacturer. The quality control of the finished product is strict, which ensures that each product retains its flexibility and smoothness. Everplast has … Read more

PVC Door Panel Extrusion Machine Line

pvc door panel machine line

PVC Door Panel Extrusion Machine Line Taiwan Everplast provides EMD-90, EMD-110, EMD-130 multi-type parallel twin-screw PVC door panel extrusion equipment, which can extrude plastic door panel sizes: 600/700/760/815/900mm. In addition, the machine design is tailored to customers’ needs, for ease of use in different spaces. The extrusion output can reach about 150-700kg/hr, depending on the … Read more

PVC Edge Band Extrusion Machine Line

edge band machine line

PVC Edge Band Extrusion Machine Line Everplast could offer our PVC egde band extrusion machine lines as per the expected machine output or raw materials, such as single screw or twin screw extruders. It could be ENS-65, EMS-75, EMS-85, EMS-100 single screw extruder, or EMD-52, EMD-55 conical twin screw extruder. Machine lines are compatible with … Read more

Pellet Extrusion 3D Printer


Pellet Extrusion 3D Printer Everplast Machinery manufacture a 3D printer with plastic pallets. A printer with high speed, precision, and serviceability. The printer feed with plastic pallets directly to print the product, to improve the weakness of traditional printer which is using filament. Everplast launch the 3D printer with plastic pallets, there’s special design in … Read more

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Production Line

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Production Line

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Production Line The HDPE pipe extrusion lines developed by Taiwan Everplast are equipped with EMS-65, EMS-85, EMS-120 single screw extruder and EMS-6533H high-efficiency single screw extruder. The output is about 60~250kgs (depending on the product size and material). The HDPE pipe size range is OD16mm-OD1200mm. In addition, the HDPE pipe production line … Read more

PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Line​

PVC Pipe Machine Line

PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Line Everplast, Taiwan, produce the PVC pipe extrusion line which could extrude the pipe with OD16 to OD630mm. The application is for water pipe, industrial pipe and telecom pipe …etc. Our production line is successfully delivered to five continentals, such as Togo, India, Philippine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Ivory coast, Myanmar, … Read more

PVC Compounding Extrusion Machine Line

PVC Compounding

WPC Compounding Line Taiwan Everplast PVC compounding extrusion machine line, the extruded particles are mainly used in the production of window frames, door frames, door panels, edge bands, gasket, trunking, medical tubes, and other extrusion equipment; it can also be used for injection machine lines. PVC compounding is sold to Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Russia, Vietnam, … Read more