InterPlas, Thailand

2022 InterPlas Thailand

2022 INTERPLAS, THAILAND Exhibition As plastics play vital roles in every part of life, plastic manufacturers encounter both opportunities and challenges in their adjustment to match the current dynamics. At “InterPlas Thailand 2022,” the most comprehensive event for plastics manufacturing industry, manufacturers will discover new possibilities to power up their businesses, maximize their opportunities, and handle challenges … Read more

EMS-55 PC&PMMA Profile Extrusion Line

EMS-55 PC&PMMA Profile Extrusion Line Send Products Inquiry EMS-55 PC&PMMA profile extrusion line PC and PMMA raw materials are widely used on lampshades. The main benefits are good light transmission, including stronger impact resistance, heat resistance and increased design flexibility. Therefore, governments and private people everywhere are now also promoting the use of PC/ For … Read more