EMS-55 PC&PMMA Profile Extrusion Line

EMS-55 PC&PMMA Profile Extrusion Line

EMS-55 PC&PMMA profile extrusion line

PC and PMMA raw materials are widely used on lampshades. The main benefits are good light transmission, including stronger impact resistance, heat resistance and increased design flexibility. Therefore, governments and private people everywhere are now also promoting the use of PC/ For PMM LED lights, Everplast has also caught up with this craze in recent years and has sold many PC/PMMA extrusion production lines all over the world.


Recently, Everplast also successfully tested the PC/PMMA lampshade production line and completed three sets of different designs of molds in response to the needs of Indian customers. Especially because PC/PMMA requie higher machine stability and mold polishing process to increase the light transmission of PC/PMMA lampshade and reduce unnecessary drag marks. Everplast also has great machine manufacturing and testing experience to meet customer expectations. In the end, this case also successfully fulfilled the customer’s expectations and greatly increased the demand for production.


In order to meet and comply with different PVC price holder products, Everplast recently completed a single-color and two-color PVC price holder production line for new customers in India, and successfully tested three sets of molds as well.


Because the PVC price holder needs to give customers a clear view of the product name and price, and the assembling issue of finished products must also be considered, so the requirements for molds and this extrusion line equipment are relatively high.


Everplast also made a lot of efforts and tests for the PVC price holder extrusion line in response to this demand, both in extrusion operation and extrusion mold design, in order to meet the client’s needs of simple operation and stable production. Finally, this case it has successfully fulfilled the expectations of customers and greatly increased the demand for production.


Material: PVC
Application: Price holder
Future: Transparent PVC price holder and co-extrusion price holder 
Line Speed: 2 m/min to 3 m/min(depend on the design and material)


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