PVC Infusion Medical Tube Extrusion Line

PVC Infusion Medical Tube Extrusion Line

Testing PVC Infusion Medical Tube Extrusion Line in Russia

PVC Infusion Medical Tube Extrusion Line

location: Russia

Everplast successfully designed a PVC infusion medical tube extrusion machine production line for a new customer in Russia.


In order to produce extremely precise PVC medical tubes, Russian customers specifically approached Everplast Machinery to develop this PVC infushion medical tube extrusion production line. Everplast’s EMS-55 single-screw extruder was used combined with professional mold opening technology and go with EMS-35 horizonal single extruder, perfectly achieving the multi-faceted tube shape and co-extruded stripes as requested by the customer, the stable auto winder coupled with filament dancing accumulator, Not only does the quality of the finished product reach medical grade standards, but also makes it more convenient for customers to collect without affecting the pipe diameter.. The output and production stability are extremely high, and customer orders are full.


The PVC medical tube extrusion machine production line developed by Everplast has a diversified machine design and can meet customers’ requirements for various pipe diameters. It uses the most suitable production capacity and the most economical model. It is easy to operate and enables customers to compete globally. The market is more competitive.


Material: PVC

Application: Medical 
Feature: Stable & Precisely Machine
Output: 0.5-3 KG/HR


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Everplast Medical Tube Machine Line

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