85mm PS Foam Extrusion Production Line

85mm PS Foam Extrusion Production Line

PS Foam Extrusion Production Line

Everplast recently completed the installation of an advanced PS foam ceiling molding extrusion machine production line in Russian. Responding to heightened market demand, a longstanding Russian customer in the PS foam ceiling molding industry partnered with Everplast to revamp their products with a modern aesthetic. The outcome features distinctive designs and increased dimensions. Everplast took proactive measures by engineering high-capacity extruders, expanded haul-offs, and specialized track blocks, not only elevating production efficiency and capacity but also reinforcing market competitiveness.

Everplast’s PS foam ceiling molding extrusion machine production line is distinguished by its adaptable design, meeting customer requirements for cutting-edge products. With enhanced production capacity and user-friendly operation, the system not only improves efficiency but also curtails labor costs and energy consumption, underscoring Everplast’s enduring dedication to environmental sustainability.

Raw Material: PS
Application: Utilized for ceiling decoration
Key Features: High-capacity extruder, larger haul-off with specially shaped rubber pads
Output: Ranging from 80 to 150 kilograms per hour


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