PVC Pipe Dual Output High Speed Extrusion Line

EMD-90 PVC Pipe (OD22-OD60mm) Dual Output High Speed Extrusion Line

PVC Pipe (OD22-OD60mm) Dual Output High Speed Extrusion Line

Everplast Machinery Co.,Ltd has recently completed the installation of the PVC pipe dual output extrusion machine line in Myanmar for size OD1/2″~OD2″. Our customer is one of the biggest PVC pipe maker in Myanmar. The pipes are used for water transportation and construction application. In this project, Everplast Machinery propose high speed type dual output for upto 500 KG/HR. Customers found Everplast have best tailor to their needs and also a trustable partner for long term cooperation.

The extrusion machine line equip EMD-90 twin screw extruder with two water cooling tank for production output capacity 500 KG/HR.

Everplast’s extruders are also equiped with HMI/PLC control system that help easy temperature control and tracking data.

The synchronization function is adapted, operators can increase or decrease output capacity easily by control the feeding speed, screw speed and haul of speed at the same time.

Customers are satisfied with Everplast extrusion machine performance and keep placing new order to us.

Everplast specializes in technology research and development, production capacity and quality improvement, following market demand, in line with the multi-component characteristics of plastics and we are acknowledged by many customer around the world.



Material: PVC
Application: Construction, Water transport
Feature: High speed Dual output 
Output: 250~500kg/hr


EMD-90 PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine Line


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