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square mesh net pipe machine line
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Everplast has a great experience in the production of plastic net extrusion equipment. With the demand for water filtration pipes from all over the world, we assist customers in developing the net pipe extrusion line to replace the current process of producing finished products by injection, and greatly increase production capacity and yield rate.

Material usedPP PE


square mesh net pipe machine line

Depending on the use occasion, there different types of net pipe. The main feature of the square mesh net pipe tube is its high rigidity, and can be combined with plastic injection parts and used in the field of water filtration. In addition to part of it will be used in river improvement projects, there are also cases where it is used in manure filtration. Since the finished product is made of high-precision equipment, the mesh size can be precisely controlled, so that it can produce finished products with a filtration rate that meets customer expectations according to different actual needs. The extrusion process has also been greatly improved the capacity compare with the injection production chain in the past.

Square Net Pipe - Product
Square Net Pipe - Application




Square Net Pipe Machine Line

Everplast designs and manufactures suitable extrusion line and related down stream equipment according to the actual needs of customers, including the key mold systems. In addition, we can design a set of unique adjustment system according to the actual finished product size requirements to produce the ideal finished product, and provide professional design and complete production plan suggestion.

Square Net Pipe Machine Line
square mesh net pipe application
Square Net Pipe Machine Line

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