EMS-75 ABS Pipe Extrusion Line

EMS-75 ABS Pipe Extrusion Line

pipe extrusion line

Everplast just completed the installation of EMS-75 ABS Pipe Extrusion Line, for the end user located in the United Kingdom.
The user is the leading independent pool products manufacturer in the UK. The purchased extrusion line is to manufacture the ABS pipes which are used for swimming pools.

Everplast provided the quality extruder-making line with output at 60-120kgs per hour, line speed around 2.5-6.0M /Min.

Material: ABS
Application: Pipe for swimming pool
Feature: Easier operation and stable production
Output, line speed: 60kg/hr to 120kg/hr from 2.5m/min to 6m/min


EMS-75 ABS pipe extrusion machine line

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