EMS-75 High Speed PVC Medical Tube Machine Line

EMS-75 High Speed PVC Medical Tube Machine Line

Testing EMS-75 High Speed PVC Medical Tube Machine Line in India

EMS-75 High Speed PVC Medical Tube Extrusion Machine Line

location: India

In recent years, Everplast has invested in the development of professional medical extrusion machinery. In this regard, Everplast has also received enthusiastic response and satisfaction. Customers’ “repurchase” is an affirmation of our products. Last month Everplast has successfully assisted customers to install a second high-speed EMS-75 PVC medical tube machine line, combined with a laser gauge, online inspection and monitoring of the outer diameter size.

The PVC medical tube machine line has a stable tolerance and can be controlled within ±0.05mm. Also, the high-speed medical tube model has a production speed of 3 times that of the conventional traditional medical extrusion machine line and OD2.4mm medical tube. The output can reach 100m/min, and it is equipped with a special design tank, which can effectively cool the products with different pipe diameters and increase the practicality of the machine.

Material: PVC


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Everplast Medical Tube Machine Line

Medical Tube Machine Line

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