Fruit Net Machine Line

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Medical Tube Machine Line

Medical Tube Machine Line

The medical tube, made by food-grade materials, with advantage of high transparency, good elasticity, good fluidity and corrosion resistance, suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and food production of gas and liquid delivery pipes, etc.

PVC Compounding Machine Line

PVC Compounding Machine Line

Application: Windows / Door profile, door panel, gasket, trunking...etc.


Everplast's Fruit Net Machine Line

Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industrial Fruit Net Machine Line manufacturer from Taiwan. Everplast has been providing extrusion equipment for producing pipes, profiles, soft pipes, doors, compounds, WPC, and tooling with sophisticated extruder technologies.

Based on over 22 years of experience, Everplast's extrusion machine line is used in wide range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, gas and liquid delivery pipe for food processing, etc. Regardless of individual extrusion equipment or completed extrusion lines, Everplast always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Fruit Net Machine Line

Application of Fruit net machine line: Packaging Fruits, Vegetables, Sea Foods, Flowers, Toys etc.
PE net machine are specially designed for high production requirements. They provide high productivity, high accuracy, and exceptional fine surafce on the nets. The screw is precision machined from high quality alloy steel SACM-1 with nitrogen treated for high performance and duration, ensuring high extruding capacity, automatic temperature control. The entire machine motions are controlled by the high performance controller for convenient operations.

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     fruit net EM–NT55 Fruit Net Making Machine       

     stretched net  stretched netHDPE Net Extrusion Line

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Fruit Net Machine Line

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AEM – NT 55(40)                                               -Material applicable : PE , PP , EVA
  -Products specification : Depending on thread mesh
  -Products width : 10 m/m ~ 400 m/m       
  -Extruder : Extrusion  5-15 kgs
  -Screw dia – 40 m/m ψ
  -Screw material : SACM – 1
  -Driving motor – 5 HP
  -Auto-loader: 1 set
  -Nozzle Dia ( mm ) : Φ30 ~ Φ48
  -Driving control : 3 HP inverter
  -Rotating stand gear driving : 2 sets  
  -Driving motor – 3 HP  
  -Control panel : independent type switch box, heater zone 5points 
  -Stainless steel tank : 400 m/m L X 450 W X 600 H  1 set
BTake-off unit ( A ) -Take off rollerΦ320 m/m X 200 m/m L X 1 pcs
  -Driving press roller : Φ 160 m/m X 160 m/m X 2 pc
  -Driving motor – 1 HP   
  -Roller : ψ75 X 160 L X 1 set
  -Take-off speed (m/min ) : 5-15
  -Stretching device : Hot water type
  -Water removal motor : 1 HP
CTake-off unit ( B ) -Take off roller 320 m/m X 200 m/m L X 1 pcs
  -Driving press roller : Φ 160 m/m X 160 m/m X 2 pc
  -Driving motor – 1 HP   
  -Take-off speed ( m/min ) : 40
DWinding device -Effective width : 350 m/m
  -Meter counter : 1 set
  -Dia of film wound-up roll : 400 m/m
  -Winding motor : ½ HP DC  
  -Winding Unit : two axis type
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.