PVC Gasket Extrusion Line

EMS-65 PVC Gasket Extrusion Line

PVC gasket extrusion line

Everplast could follow the UL electricity system requirement for the North America area. Herewith Everplast could serve and cooperate with more and more customers from Canada and USA. This time we build up the new EMS-65 PVC gasket extrusion line for our Canada customer and it is also their first time purchasing the machines in Taiwan. We could be honored to say they are quite satisfied with Everplast teamwork and service, for sure the machine quality as well.


Material: Soft PVC blended powder
Application: For extruding the PVC gasket
Feature: Considering the customer’s special PVC powder feeding material requirement, Everplast designed a suitable single screw and PVC gasket mold to reach great material output performance and quality PVC gasket product. Moreover, Everplast also follows the customer’s package requirement to design the winder for the customer to do the online coiling.
Line speed: 7 m/min to 10 m/min(depending on the design and material)


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