Recycled Pelletizing Line

EMRP-85 Recycled Pelletizing Line

Recycled Pelletizing Line

Everplast has recently completed the installation of PE/PP recycled resin pelletizing machine line for 180~250 KG/HR for our Mexico customer. The customer has bought a couple of profile extrusion lines and keeps investing in a recycle line for their factory’s own use. They found Everplast have the best tailor to their needs and is a trustable partner for cooperation.

Everplast provides the best quality PE/PP recycled resin solution for both Post-Industrial Resin (PIR) and Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) that become a part of environmental protection and circular economy development.
Everplast equips the hopper force-feeding to increase the output capacity and avoid material bridging in the extruder hopper. We have a good degassing system that eliminates moisture in recycled resin. It helps the better performance of recycled pellet/granulate.
The screen changer is also equipped for dirt filtering to secure stable production. A twin hydraulic cylinder type for a nonstop screen changer is also an option for customer demand.
A water ring dies face cutting is suitable to handle PP/PE sticky characteristics.
The customer is satisfied with Everplast extrusion machine’s performance and keeps a mutual business relationship.
Everplast specializes in technology research and development, production capacity, and quality improvement, following market demand, in line with the multi-component characteristics of plastics and we are acknowledged by many customers around the world.

Material: PP/HDPE/LDPE
Application: Recycled material, recycled granulator
Feature: Water ring die face cutting
Output: 180~250kg/hr


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