Profile application – PE Profile (Timber Profile)

PE Profile (Timber Profile)

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timber profile application

Can garbage turn into gold? The answer is 100% yes!
PE profile (Timber Profile) production line can use 100% recycled materials.

Even discarded garbage bags or various PE recycling materials
All of them can be put into the production line after professional treatment to produce PE timber profile.

The raw material cost of this production line is extremely low, the product profitability is high, and the production conditions are simple.

Everplast PE profile (Timber Profile) production line which based on the concept of environmental protection, products can be produced by using locally available recycled materials or PE recycled waste.

It has been selling well for more than 20 years, especially in the Middle East, the market is large and the repurchase rate is strong.

PE profile (Timber Profile) can be widely used in various buildings or facilities indoors and outdoors can completely replace solid wood.

Whether it is building houses, floors, railings, exterior walls, various decks, walkways, fences, flower stands, park tables and chairs, flower boxes, pavilions and interior architectural decoration… etc.
No moisture absorption, strong weather resistance, no deformation, insect and mothproof, low cost, is the first choice of various architects and consumers.

PE Synthetic Wood


timber profile application


timber profile application

The PE profile (Timber Profile) production line developed by Everplast
Using molds with excellent materials and design PE profile that can produce 4 output at the same time.

With the single screw extruder EMS-75, output is 60-120 kg/hr to produce PE profile (Timber Profile) with extremely smooth surface, high strength and precise dimensions.

Everplast can provide complete plant planning, match raw material formula, and provide technical information.

Let you become the leader of this industry.

timber profile application


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