PVC Film / Tape Testing Machine

PVC Film / Tape Testing Machine

Testing​ PVC Film / Tape Testing Machine in Japan

Everplast EMS-30 Single Screw Extruder Machine

Location: Japan

The Japanese customers asked Everplast to help develop a custom 3-1 R&D test machine. Since the customers themselves are the suppliers of chemical raw materials, there is usually a demand for test materials, but as a result of a size limit on the laboratory, Everplast is requested to customize a smaller experimental machine. The model designed by the customer is the cooling, haul off and winder machine of the EMS-30 extruder with three machines. The length of the machine is only one meter long, and it is equipped with the customer’s factory L-shaped display, saving a lot of space. In addition, the performance of the machine is also very stable, allowing customers to accurately test raw materials. Finally, the customer is also very satisfied with the results of this inspection and is sure to have a good ability to develop and customize.

Material: PVC


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Profile Extrusion Machine Line

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