Fruit Net Making Machine

Fruit Net Machine Line

Fruit Net Making Machine Send Products Inquiry The trend of plastic reduction has been growing at an alarming rate, and many more countries have joined along the way, making “reusable” plastic net packaging materials a new market favorite. The finished products are used in packaging materials such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, flowers, toys, beverages, etc., … Read more

EM-NT55 Stretched Fruit Net Extrusion Machine

Case EM–NT55 Stretched Net Extrusion Line

EM-NT55 Stretched Fruit Net Extrusion Machine Send Products Inquiry Testing EM–NT55 Stretched Fruit Net Extrusion Machine in USA location: USA Everplast just successfully installed two fruit net extrusion lines in USA. After testing, the maximum line speed reaches goal as 33m/min. Basically the customer use their recycle compounding PE film as materail then re-manufacture the … Read more