PP Recycle Pelletizing Extrusion Line

PP Recycle Pelletizing Extrusion Line

Testing PP Recycle Pelletizing Extrusion Line in Paraguay

PP Recycle Pelletizing Extrusion Line

location: Paraguay

Everplast successfully installed PP pelletizing extruison line in Paraguay. Granulation of post-industrial matrial can help to save material cost, also good pellets can make the plastic conversion more stable. Everplast pelleizing lines are easy to be operated, generating high output pellets which made from recycled material. Even with injection grade PP which has high melt flow, the pellets are qualified with a output 200kg/h on its 85mm scew extruder. Customer are highly satisfied with the performance which has solved their problems about using recycle non-homogeneous material in their inejction proccess.

set up date: 201604


PP Compounding Line


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