PVC Reinforced Hose Extrusion Machine Line

EMS-75 PVC Reinforced Hose Extrusion Machine Line

EMS-75 PVC Reinforced Hose Extrusion Machine Line

PVC reinforced hose is wild used in industrial and household fields such as irrigation, gardening, and fire hose. Due to it is two layers design with yarn braiding, the hose can standard much pressure. It could convey for air, water, and chemical application.


Our Kenya customer have good reputation for manufacturing and selling this PVC reinforce hose product in local. In order to expand the production capacity, Everplast develops this high production PVC reinforce hose extrusion line to meet their demand. Before ordering we have well-discussion for all the detail machine and mold requirement. After that Everplast team members work out together and have great testing on the machine performance.


EMS-55 Reinforced hose extrusion machine line


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Everplast Pipe Extrusion Machine Line

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