EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line

EMD-75 CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line Testing CPVC Pipe Extrusion Line in Sausi Arabia location: Sausi Arabia Everplast just install one CPVC pipe extrusion line in Saudi Arabia. Our customer will use this machine line to expand the CPVC pipe market. As the CPVC material is very sensitive to operating temperatures, we equip special designed screw … Read moreEMD-75 CPVC PIPE EXTRUSION LINE


Case EMD-75 WPC Extrusion Line

WPC Extrusion Line Testing WPC Extrusion Line in Japan location: Japan Everplast successfully installed WPC Extrusion Lines in Japan. Everplast extrusion line is using EMD-75 75mm parallel type twin screw profile extruder with 80-100kg/hr for WPC profile product. The buyer would like to use WPC product as decking. Everplast is with excellent R&D ability to … Read moreEMD-75 WPC EXTRUSION LINE

90mm PVC Compounding Line

90mm PVC Compounding Line Testing EMD-90 90mm Parallel Type Twin Screw PVC Compounding Line in Vietnam location: Vietnam Everplast had just successfully installed a rigid PVC system in Vietnam for our new customer. With our arrangement, the customer would operate the machine line easily step by step. 1.Mixing PVC powder with additives by the mixer … Read more90mm PVC Compounding Line

EMD-90 Compounding system

EMD-90 Compounding system Testing EMD-90 Compounding system in Thailand location: Thailand EVERPLAST successfully insalled a PVC compounding line for a Japanese customer whose factory is located in Thailand. This is the third line that EVERPLAST has suppliied to the customer to support their projects since 2013. This Japanese customer has already bought more than 30 … Read moreEMD-90 Compounding system

PVC Refrigerator Profile Extrusion Line

PVC Refrigerator Profile Extrusion Line Testing PVC Refrigerator Profile Extrusion Line in Russia location: Russia Everplast successfully installed two PVC Refrigerator Profile Extrusion Lines in Russia in Jun 2013. One line is EMD-90 90mm parallel type twin screw profile extruder, and the other is EMS-65 65mm single screw profile extruder. This customer is specialize in … Read morePVC Refrigerator Profile Extrusion Line

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